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Thanks for the awesome shirts! This was the first time I've printed shirts for my company and it was an easier process that I thought it would be. The staff was really helpful, from helping us choose the shirts to dealing with the artwork. Thanks again.

Steven York
AP Plumbing Service

"R & R T-Shirts, you did a fantastic job on our shirts and we thank you so much for making them so quickly! We couldn't wait to perform just to show them off"

Lora Alsaigh
Columbus Elem. Drill Team

I can't say enough about R & R T-Shirts. I've placed 2 orders within the last 6 months for different occasions and now all our friends are asking me to make them tee shirts for all different events and this is the place I will continue to come to for my custom tee shirt needs.

Anna Pino
Stampin' On Up

I have complete confidence in placing any size order, with the company, as I have received excellent service, in all respects. Frank has been especially helpful, and has most definitely gone above and beyond, in terms of service. Thank-you.

Tricia Bautista

Screen printing

Is a type of printing in which ink is pushed through a screen with a squeegee onto a substrate. Screens are made by producing positive, clear films of the customers' artwork and exposing the screen to UV light thought the film on a vacuum exposure table. The screen is washed out leaving only areas that were exposed to the UV light. This process will work with halftone dots and shading, but it is more limited than offset printing due to the screen itself and the fabric it prints on.

  • Set-up charge = $50 per color.
  • 6 colors maximum.

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Is a process in which we stitch your logo onto a garment using computerized embroidery machinery. Because this process uses needle and thread, the artwork is limited to solid designs. Though we can use many different colors in your design, we cannot reproduce any type of shading or half toning.

  • Set-up charge = Left Chest - $25 - $100
  • 9 colors maximum

Call us at (818) 569-0290 for a free quote, or contact us online.


Heat-Transfers are a process where a highly detailed digital images are printed on to a piece of plastic coated paper and then heat-pressed directly onto the fabric of a garment in order to transfer that image. If you are unsure of whether you need to place your image on a Heat-transfer or use the Screenprinting process, email us a copy we will help you decide.

  • T-Shirt + tranfer = $30 each (we only carry a select choice of t-shirts for this process - mostly black and white colors)

Call us at (818) 569-0290 for a free quote, or contact us online.